Robin T. Bye
PhD, MEngSc, BE (hons 1), SMIEEE

Associate Professor in Automation Engineering 
Head of Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory 
Department of ICT and Natural Sciences 
NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Ålesund, Norway
CV and Publications
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Automation 2.0: Educating engineers in modern automation and intelligent systems
- Bachelor programme in Automation Engineering at NTNU in Ålesund
Automated & autonomous systems for the maritime industry
- Autonomous Ships (CPS Lab)
Biomechanical robotics and simulators for computer haptic assisted orthopaedic surgery
- CHAOS (CPS Lab), with Ålesund Hospital and Sunnmøre MR-klinikk
Artificial intelligence and next-generation robots are essential to what we do
- Pepper Robot (CPS Lab) at the opening of NTNU Open AI Lab
Capturing me wearing a one-piece is about as likely as discovering the Higgs boson in the CERN particle accelerator (it did happen once)
- Robin T. Bye

About me
 I am an associate professor in automation engineering, IEEE Senior Member, and head of the Cyber-Physical Systems Lab at NTNU, Ålesund, Norway. At the Department of ICT and Natural Sciences I am an elected scientific staff member of the leader group, and from summer 2020 I head the bachelor programme in automation engineering. 

Teaching activities include engineering courses in our BSc Automation and MSc Simulation & Visualization programmes, and supervision of BSc, MSc, PhD, and postdoc projects. Additionally, I develop and offer courses for lifelong learning.

My research interests belong to the broad areas of cybernetics, artificial intelligence, neuroengineering, and education. As an affiliated scientist at NTNU AMOS (SFF), a Centre of Excellence funded by the Research Council of Norway, I am developing new methods for automated and autonomous systems at sea, such as path planning and collision avoidance algorithms for ASVs. I am also investigating biomechanical robotics and machine learning for MR image segmentation for modelling and simulation of human joints and tissue. My educational research revolves around student-active learning methodologies and digital tools for teaching, learning, and assessment. 

Other activities of mine involve being a topic editor for the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, regular peer reviewer for journals and conferences, and scientific expert nationally and abroad, including NOKUT study program approval; evalution of academic positions, PhD candidates and MSc/BSc projects; and participation in conference boards and chair duties.
Contact details:

Postal address:
NTNU, att. Robin T. Bye
Postboks 1517
NO-6025 Ålesund, Norway

Visiting address: NTNU, Larsgårdsveien 2, 6009 Ålesund, Norway
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